Secret Identity Board Game

Secret Identity Board Game

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THE “Who’s Who” of social deduction games!

Look around the table… Can you figure out…Who’s who?

In Secret Identity, Everyone is given a secret identity. Give clues to your identity by using your Picto cards. Meanwhile everyone else is doing the same. To win, players must be both skilled informers AND sharp observers.

• Every player’s identity is secret.
• Every round players give clues AND get clues.
• Every game is amazing.
• Every. Single. Time.

Contents: 8 personal safes, 64 Voting keys (8 per player), 8 Mystery keys, 1 main board, 90 Picto double-faced cards, 150 Character double-faced cards, 8 markers, 8 scoring tokens.

Ages 14+, 3-8 Players, 30 Min