Rocket Squad Game

Rocket Squad Game

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Race to space from your own backyard!

It’s time for some backyard fun! Build the tallest, most awesome cardboard rocket ships and race them to space! Use your family members, pets, and toys to help you build faster or mess with your friends.

Rocket Squad is perfect for family game night...quick & simple to learn, easy to take with you, and is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your table!

108 cards
15 tokens
1 rulebook

How to Play:

Give each player 4 launchpads, shuffle all the cards, and deal 4 to each player.

On Your Turn
You may play as many cards as you like to:
  • Place a Booster on an empty Launchpad
  • Build a box on top of a Booster
  • Use an Action card to help yourself or mess with others
  • Launch a Rocket if it meets its requirements (and grab a Moon Rock!)
  • Discard or keep cards in hand and redraw back to 4 cards

Game End & Scoring
The first player to launch a Rocket of each color triggers the game end, with each other player getting one more turn.
The player with the highest total of launched Rockets and Moon Rocks is the winner!