Marvel Heroclix: Hellfire Gala Premium Collection

Marvel Heroclix: Hellfire Gala Premium Collection

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You are cordially invited to return to the Hellfire Gala! Host Emma Frost requests your presence on the evening of the Summer Solstice to strengthen the bonds between mutants and mankind at the party of the year. Celebrate mutant culture with a night of music, dancing, and the introduction of the new X-Men, heroes of Krakoa!

See some of the most awesome humans of the Marvel Universe  as they appear to mingle at the Hellfire Gala in Marvel HeroClix: Avengers - Hellfire Gala Premium Collection 2! Enjoy the pinnacle of fashion represented on eight exquisitely detailed pre-painted figures that push the boundaries of HeroClix style. Fan-favorites Captain America, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Falcon, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Doom walk the red carpet with brand-new sculpts that make as much of a fashion statement as the Gala itself.

Each Marvel HeroClix: Avengers - Hellfire Gala Premium Collection 2 includes all eight limited edition figures presented together in a special collectible box that acts as both a stunning display and as your own personal invitation to experience the Hellfire Gala. These unique figures are some of the most detailed HeroClix ever released and make a fashionable addition to any collection.

Every detail of the Hellfire Gala has been planned with the guest in mind. As a result, in this premium set you will also find a limited-edition version of the Powers and Abilities Card as well as uniquely crafted Character Cards with a special look and feel that will bring the luxury of the Hellfire Gala to your table. With higher quality materials, magnificently detailed figures, and totally unique design this set is a can’t-miss for collectors!


  • 8 Premium Quality Pre-Painted Miniatures
  • 8 Limited Edition Character Cards
  • 1 All-New Powers and Abilities Card with Limited Edition Design
  • Magnetized Limited Edition Display Box