Sinoalice Graphic Novel Volume 03 (Mature)

Sinoalice Graphic Novel Volume 03 (Mature)

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With creative direction and world-building by the inimitable Yoko Taro, the mind behind the NieR and Drakengard universes, comes...

SINoALICE, a gorgeous and gory mobile RPG that blurs the line between dreams and reality, fairy tales and fact!

And now you can read the manga adaptation of the popular game!

Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole...and into a deathmatch game! She has no choice but to play, and defeating all the other players is the only way to bring her family back to life. In this blood-drenched wonderland, only one wish can come true!

Driven by a newfound will to live, Alice races to find the source of a strong power that has newly manifested. Alongside her are Snow White and Pinocchio—who are out to kill Red Riding Hood! That's when the aquatic star of another classic tale joins the fray...