Battle Spirits Saga: Strangers in the Sky Booster Box BSS05 - Releases August 2nd, 2024!

Battle Spirits Saga: Strangers in the Sky Booster Box BSS05 - Releases August 2nd, 2024!

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The Lore of the Inverted World Chronicle
Three hundred years have passed since the birth of Siegwurm Ira drew the Starhavoc Age to a close. Peace has been maintained by the Zodiac Spirits, who took their names from the constellations above.

However, that tranquility falls into chaos when an inverted landmass suddenly appears one day in the skies overhead. This massive land, which has materialized from another dimension, becomes connected to the earth via a giant snake called Skybinder. It slowly but steadily begins a descent toward the land below.

Envoys possessing a mysterious energy allowing them to take on an Astral form are dispatched from the strange world.

The Zodiacs urgently summon the descendants of the Four Sage Beasts, who soothed Siegwurm Ira’s rage and restored order to the world. They establish a team of surveyors, whose mission is to uncover the truth about these interdimensional invaders.

❶ Double color cards make their first appearances!
Double color cards, with symbols of two colors, arrive on the scene! Double color cards include not just spirits, but nexuses and magic as well! The new keyword effect Chain also makes it easier to construct multi-color decks, opening up a whole new range of strategies!

❷ Astral, a new combat feature!
The envoys who appear in the story posses a special Astral power, which is also featured in the gameplay! Astral is an extremely powerful keyword effect that makes it so that a spirit can only be blocked by another spirit with Astral. The addition of Astral to the game will make strategies that target a player’s life become stronger than before!

❸ The holo card in each pack will become more interesting!
The Common, Uncommon, and Rare holo cards that had previously been included will be changed to new special rarities! There will still be one holo card guaranteed in each pack, but now with exclusive cards to make opening packs even more exciting!

The first chapter of the Inverted World Chronicle celebrates the one-year anniversary of BSS! It is full of exciting content fitting of this momentous occasion!

➀ Six combinations of two-color decks will be constructable!
Double color cards for Red/Purple, Purple/Yellow, Yellow/White, White/Green, Green/Blue, and Blue/Red are included! By combining these with cards from BSS01 – BSS04 and CB01, you can construct even more powerful decks!

➁ New Anniversary Rares, celebrating the one-year anniversary of BSS!
This set includes new Anniversary Rares as a special rarity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of BSS! These are magic and nexus cards from this set, featuring special card art with fan favorite spirits from BSS01 through BSS04! One Anniversary Rare box topper is included for the set, so it’ll be easier to collect them!

➂ More Evangelion collaboration cards!
Continuing the collaborations of BSS04 and CB01, BSS05 also includes Evangelion collaboration cards! These are BSS05 cards featuring special Evangelion card art!

➃ The character designed by Kenji Watanabe of Digimon fame!
Kenji Watanabe, illustrator and character designer for Digimon, designed the main character for this set! Battle Spirits and Digimon fans will be excited about this collaboration! Look out for their reveal!

★ 190 Types Total
☆ Common (normal/holo ver.) × 68
☆ Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) × 32
☆ Rare (normal/holo ver.) × 24
☆ X Rare × 15
☆ Collaboration Rare × 18
☆ Special Rare × 18
☆ Anniversary Rare × 12
☆ Saga Rare × 3

♦ × 1 Pack=× 12 cards and 1 token card
♦ × 1 Display = × 24 Packs
♦ × 1 Case = × 12 Displays