Wizkids Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance Booster Pack

Wizkids Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance Booster Pack

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Marvel's first vehicle set! HeroClix's first Hero-GLO (glow in the dark) set!

Each booster contains 4 figures!

The crackle of flames, the rattle of chains, the revving of engines - it's the unmistakable sound of GHOST RIDER! Experience the Spirit of Vengeance like never before in this bone-chilling HeroClix set!

Mystics! Mummies! Monsters! Motorcycles! MORE!

You don't need Ghost Rider's Penance Stare to see the awesomeness Wheels of Vengeance brings to HeroClix. Each booster contains 3 standard figures and 1 oversized figure on an extended HeroClix base. Some players will find Elektra or Johnny Blaze on a motorcycle in their booster, but if you're lucky you might find Sleipnir or the Headless Horseman!

Legacy Cards return to bring some of the spookiest HeroClix of all time back to the tabletop!

When darkness falls, the Spirit of Vengeance lights the way with an otherworldly fire. For the first time ever, experience brand new Hero-Glo effects with select figures in Wheels of Vengeance that show off their powers and abilities in even the darkest night. Whether it’s Iron Fist, Daimon Hellstrom or the Hellcycle itself, Hero-Glo will help these figures burn brighter than ever before!

With more than 60 figures and all-new Legacy Cards to collect, you and your friends will be ready for a heck of a time!

This set contains (contents subject to change):
• 12 Common Figures
• 9 Uncommon Figures
• 4 Uncommon Figures on Extended Bases
• 8 Rare Figures
• 2 Rare Primes
• 4 Rare Figures on Extended Bases
• 6 Super Rare Figures
• 2 Super Rare Primes
• 6 Super Rare Figures on Extended Bases
• 8 Chase Figures on Extended Bases
• 11 Legacy Cards